About Little Owl’s

Mission Statement

Little Owls Daycare and Preschool Center is committed to the development of the whole child by implementing curriculum and methodology based on elements of the Montessori philosophy, Reggio Emilla, Waldorf and traditional education and human development, and by partnering with parents in this endeavor. Our parent company, Children’s Therapy Services will work in close partnership with the Little Owls Daycare and Preschool Center. We are DETERMINED provide early intervention strategies that will impact the child for the rest of their life.

Our Goals to Achieve this Mission: To foster a life-long love of learning through teaching, across the curriculum, which demonstrates the interconnection of all life; and to foster the individual’s understanding of his/her role within the whole, through the development of individual potential. To structure hands-on learning environments which, while “making the match” with students’ needs and interests, foster student-initiated inquiry/research and projects which develop understanding and appreciation of the world beyond the classroom. To support each student – through individualized instruction based on observation and understanding of learning styles and abilities – to become an independent, responsible, self-disciplined and self-motivated learner who works to potential and loves it! To engage families in the education of their children through – dialog, education in child development and varied learning, ongoing communication, community events, joint planning to address evolving needs and circumstances. To include all children in this environment, especially those children with special needs, to allow them to intermingle with their peers and experience hands on learning in an environment that has been developed by highly educated Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy Staff. To provide early intervention for ALL children who demonstrate a need for early intervention so that they may enjoy a successful educational career beyond early learning.

Top School

Little Owl Daycare and Preschool is the first of its kind therapeutic childcare center in Rapid City.

Teaching Quality

Little Owls provides a quality teaching staff led by CDA certified preschool teachers, with over 50 years combined experience. We provide monthly training to all teaching staff to ensure high quality and standards.

Creative Arts

Children are provided with a wide variety of creative arts opportunities. Children learn to express themselves through art, dramatic/theatrical play, dance and self-expression activities.

Memory skills

Little Owls develops memory skills by the use of memory games, flash cards, finger plays and music activities

Kids Play Land

Little Owls offers indoor and outdoor play to encourage lifelong friendships and social emotional development. Communication, Problem solving and conflict resolution skills are developed through cooperative play in small groups.

Extra-curricular Activities

Parents are given the opportunity to get to know their child’s teacher, friends and their friend’s parents through a verity for extra activities. Little owls will host annual Easter egg hunts, graduation party, Halloween event and Christmas party